cOMmUNITY etiquette

“Mindfulness is about being fully awake in our lives. It is about perceiving the exquisite vividness of each moment. We also gain immediate access to our own powerful inner resources for insight, transformation, and healing.”  
Jon Kabat-Zinn

At One Yoga for All, we ask everyone to practice mindfulness, respect for themselves, others and the intimate space.  

Must sign up for all offerings. Reserve online.
One Yoga for All is an intimate studio, with limited space. By reserving online, your spot is guaranteed and it gives us a chance to plan for the number of reservations. Also, if class is cancelled, an email is sent to you as it is the only method we have of notifying you.

  • Online Schedule is up to date
    Always check schedule before heading to studio. We reserve the right to cancel offerings without reservations. 
    Waiting List
    When an offering is grayed out and the Sign Up button is not visible, the offering reached maximum capacity. Please email to be placed on the waiting list.
  • Create account
    Please create an account after reserving a class.
    Option will be available upon confirming reservation.
    Account facilitates future reservations and tracking memberships.
  • Cancel/reschedule offerings
    Offerings may be rescheduled/cancelled up until two hours of offering starting time (private instruction require 24 hour notice), otherwise charge will occur.
    No Refunds.
    Please review cancellation policy in Liability Waiver
  • Unless explicitly indicated, offerings are adult only
    Offerings are adults only except Family Flow, Kids' Series or when explicitly stated on offering description. Kids ages 13-17 may attend adult classes with their parents and/or guardians, provided liability waiver has been reviewed and signed.

What to wear & bring to offerings

  • Wear comfortable clothing that facilitate moving & stretching.
    We suggest a comfortable top that doesn't ride up for inversions like Down Dog/Adho mukha svanasana.
  • Bring
    • a small towel for yourself
      • Do you have a sweaty practice? consider a mat towel
    • water bottle

Plan to arrive early.
Offerings start on time.
Door is locked at start time.
Please do not knock on door once offering has started, the door will not be open.

Remove shoes upon entering studio on rainbow rug.
Shoes are only allowed on the rainbow rug as you take off and put them back on, to enter and exit the studio.
Here's why we take them off:

  1. Yoga is traditionally practiced in bare feet to help us feel stability and connect directly with the ground or mat under our feet 
  2. Shoes track in dirt, making the floor unclean. By removing your shoes, it helps to provide a clean environment in which to practice
  3. The first of the five Niyamas, the moral virtues of Yoga that we yogis are called to practice, is Saucha, purity or cleanliness. External cleanliness refers to both the physical body and environment. Studies have shown that shoes can actually lead to transmitting disease and we want to remain both clean and healthy.

Turn off your phone.
Phones are not allowed on, please turn the ringer/sound/vibration off. 
Phone conversations are not allowed.

Check in.
Leave your belongings at an available shelf.
Prior to setting your mat and after leaving shoes on available shelf, please provide your name to the person sitting at the desk (it may be the teacher). 

We provide the props.
Our environmentally friendly props are available for your use. 

While getting your Yoga on
Let us know how you feel about hand on assists throughout your practice by having the Yoga Flip Chip on your preferred option (Assist/No Assist) 
No gum
No Cell phones
Yoga is a journey within, please refrain from talking
Be compassionate to yourself
Remember, this is your journey, so enjoy the present moment
You're encouraged to smile - We promise, your body, mind and soul will open a little more and facilitate  a more joyful experience

End of class.
Kindly fold blankets and return all props used.
Leave mats out.
Karma Yoga: You're welcome to wipe the mats with blue cloth by wetting it and using the essential oil cleanser in the bathroom.
Take your belongings with you.

Before you go
Do you have any questions, concerns and or feedback?
Let us know.
We are here to help you on this Yoga & Wellness journey.

Important Reminders 

  • No refunds.
    Please review cancellation policy in Liability Waiver.
  • For security, we only accept credit/debit card payments. If these options are not accessible please send us an email and we'll work it out.