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We believe Yoga is for everyBody and we are dedicated to fostering wellness and community through classes, workshops and cOmmUnity events. 
Join us every first Friday of the month for OmUnity circle: complimentary Yoga Nidra meditation.

The Teachers

Eduvigis Marmolejos - One Yoga For All Yoga Class Teacher and Founder

Eduvigis Marmolejos

Founder, RYT-500
Eduvigis' love for Yoga began as she discovered multiple techniques within the holistic practice that ground, balance, relax and empower us all physically, mentally and spiritually.
Today, she continues her journey, practicing daily, living her Yoga on and off the mat, and sharing what she learns along the way. Her classes encourage intimacy with the breath, compassion for ourselves foremost and others, and meditation.
She has completed over 750 hours of training in Meditation, Hatha, Vinyasa and Therapeutics Yoga in New York and India.

Jenna Conner - One Yoga For All Yoga Class Teacher

Jenna Conner

Jenna discovered yoga in college to ease stress and back pain, and never turned back. In 2016, she received her 200 hour certification from Sun Salute Studios in Torre de la Horadada, Spain under the instruction of Amanda Dee Smith.
Jenna's classes are creative flows that incorporate breath, alignment, meditation, and dharma all to a fun, upbeat playlist. Forever a student of yoga, there's so much more she still aspires to learn. Jenna loves to travel and has taught yoga in Spain, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. She continues to work and spread her love of yoga around NYC and the world, making it available to all types of people regardless of size, shape, color, culture, or ability.

Shira Engel - One Yoga For All Yoga Class Teacher

Shira Engel

Shira is a native New Yorker, elementary school educator, student of life, and devoted yoga teacher. In 2011, she obtained her 200-hour yoga teacher certification and has since completed over 300 hours of advanced yoga teacher training. Shira is certified to teach vinyasa, trauma-sensitive yoga, and kids yoga. Shira aims to inspire others with fun-loving (laughter welcomed!), therapeutic, challenging, and soulful vinyasa yoga classes where everyBODY is unconditionally welcome.

Jessica Greenfield - One Yoga For All Yoga Class Teacher

Jessica Greenfield

Completed her first Ashtanga teacher training in 2014 with Scott Harig at Pure Yoga in New York City. She currently works as an assistant in the Ashtanga program at Pure Yoga West, and maintains a daily Ashtanga practice. Jessica has participated in trainings with Manju Jois, Richard Freeman, and Guy Donahaye. She is also a licensed clinical social worker specializing in post-traumatic stress and mind-body approaches to healing trauma. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys running marathons and practicing yoga with her three-legged cat.

Cynthia Jimenez - One Yoga For All Yoga Class Teacher

Cynthia Jimenez

While pursuing a professional performing arts career, Cynthia began to feel a hopelessness leaking into all areas of her life. With a need to simplify everything, she looked for the oldest and purest form of Yoga.  Drawn not by the possibility to be flexible in the body, but in the mind as well, Cynthia's Yoga journey began. 
   In July 2013 Cynthia completed her 200 hour teacher training which taught her methods of Hatha Yoga and Tantric Meditation practices from the Saraswati Lineage and the Bihar School of Yoga.  Her classes are inspired by Swami Sivananda.

Annie Maheux - One Yoga For All Yoga Class Teacher

Annie Maheux

After practicing on and off since childhood, Annie truly fell in love with yoga when she realized there is no "right" way to practice. This sense of empowerment informs her teaching style, which celebrates the individuality of her students and promotes acceptance. Her classes offer options for different preferences as well as opportunities for reflection of life off-the-mat. Annie is also on track to attain a Ph.D. in psychology, and her background in science informs her approach as a teacher and yogi. Annie recently moved to Riverdale from Vermont, and is delighted to share the joy and wisdom of yoga with her new community!

Liliana Rodriguez - One Yoga For All Yoga Class Teacher

Liliana Rodriguez

Kundalini 1 & 2
Liliana started practicing yoga to help her with a thyroid issue and after some 15 years of positive results she now focuses a component of her practice on yoga for hormonal balance.
Liliana is caring, enthusiastic, and teaches with grace and professionalism in English, Spanish and French. She is committed to inspiring each student to find their inner power and wellbeing through sound, movement and meditation, unifying breath, mind and body. Daily Practice and teaching Yoga is an essential part of her life,

Therline Thelemarque - One Yoga For All Yoga Class Teacher

Therline Thelemarque

Initially, Therline started practicing yoga to rehabilitate her knee joints. She had over exerted her body from practicing improper applications of exercise.  Little did she realize how far this practice would take her. She slowly started to find herself drawn to the practice more often than expected. She began to not only do the research needed on physical healthcare, but also revisit mental health as well, with great time, effort and acknowledgment.  The health and freedom she gained from her Yoga practice gave her the idea that she needed to share this feeling with others, and so her teaching practice began.

Dina Weinberg - One Yoga For All Yoga Class Teacher

Dina Weinberg

Dina has been practicing yoga daily for more than 35 years. Yoga has been a source of great joy in her life since her teenage years. She has studied Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa styles, and is eternally grateful to have learned, and to continue to learn, from many amazing yoginis and yogis. Dina holds her E-RYT 200 hour certification from Westchester Yoga Arts. She is honored to teach, and hopes to inspire students to shine their hearts open and forward through this ancient discipline that truly is a beautiful expression of meditation.

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